Senggigi Halal Restaurants in Lombok

Lombok is known for its beautiful nature view. It is one of the most visited places that can attract tourists from all over the world. Located near Bali, this place has different ambience from its neighbor island; you can ensure it while visiting Lombok by yourself. White sandy beaches, colorful ocean sight, and lush greenery will greet you once you visit Lombok. This island is really something, everything is there. All kinds of people can visit this island since everything is served well for all visitors. If you are a Muslim, finding the places that offer any kinds of halal services like halal foods, halal resorts with rooms for praying, and many others are easy. It is such a great destination for Muslim who is looking for proper vacation place which offers numerous facilities for Muslim in Lombok. Since plenty amount of Muslim facilities in this island, Lombok becomes the most visited destination place for Muslim tourists all over the world. Halal resorts and halal restaurants in Lombok are easily found. It is spread in every place you visit; like in the attraction places and everywhere. It makes this island become the center of Islamic tourism destination in Indonesia.

One of the favorite places in Lombok is Senggigi. This region is located in all along of bays. It offers you with light white sandy beaches that sit beautifully among the mountains and jungles. You can enjoy the blood-red light of the sun peeping out from GunungAgung Bali. Senggigi offers anything you need such as resorts and restaurants to ensure you taste the best services and foods in Lombok. One that is important for you is finding great restaurants there. In some destination places, it is quite difficult finding the restaurants that meet your taste. Also, some restaurants in tourism places, they do not offer halal foods. It is bothersome for Muslim tourists who want to enjoy the foods while they are having vacation. However, if you are Muslim and want to enjoy the foods, there are so many halal restaurants you can find in this place, Senggigi. There are a lot of traditional halal restaurants in Lombok.

Therefore, this is the list of halal restaurants in Senggigi you can visit.

  • Bukit Senggigi Restaurants. This is a large restaurant in one of the original hotels. It has the menu of traditional Indonesian foods and Indonesian Chinese foods. All of the foods are halal. The food is simple but still tasty with reasonable prices.
  • CHOICE Cafe. This cafe offers you with unusual menu option. It serves Arabian and Indian cuisines. The Indian cuisine menu includes fish and chicken from Kormas, Biryanis, and Tandoor. Some of the Arabian cuisine menus are DejajMeshwie, Arabian Grilled Lamb, and Majebus Rice.
  • Happy Cafe. If you love to enjoy the dishes while listening to music, then this is the right option. It is one of great halal restaurants in Lombok. The music is so lively with the tasty cuisine menus in it. The food price is very reasonable with so many food option menus that you can choose.

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